Sweetest dachshund waiting for his breakfast is all of us in the morning


The video pans slowly to the left as it starts on the right side of a kitchen counter. A woman is frantically tapping away on her phone, and a dog is perched on the counter.

What is he observing? We are finally able to see what the first dog is looking at when the camera pans a little more. It’s a Dachshund with a lot of energy.

As this tiny Dachshund waits for her first meal of the day, “I am waiting at the counter,” the music plays.

If you could ask her, we believe she would say that she is not impatient. Just extremely late. Besides, breakfast was supposed to be served ten minutes earlier.

She absolutely needs to begin her day. Obviously, just being at the counter does not guarantee that she will get her food quickly.

She faces competition from another puppy pal who is also being forced to wait. What is her strategy?

She will try to get her mom to feed her faster by waving her paws up and down. Although it may not be the most efficient strategy, it is adorable!

If you pay close attention, this video’s cute Dachshund trying to get prompt service isn’t the only cute part. Pay closer attention to the other puppy at the counter.

As the slightly larger dog stares at the Dachshund, you can clearly see the silent judgment.

In fact, this video is a great illustration of the two kinds of morning people: those who are prepared to depart and those who simply desire to return to bed! Who are you, exactly?

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