Staying in a shelter for 94 days, he couldn’t believe that he was going to be with his favorite human forever


I think you will agree that dogs are one of God’s greatest gifts to us humans.

Their loyalty and love simply knows no bounds. They do all that without expecting anything in return.

Unfortunately, however, there are many people who do not treat dogs the way they truly deserve.

There are many people who abandon their dogs leaving them on the cold streets.

Fortunately, there are also a lot of shelters that are ready to help these poor creatures, saving them and giving them a second chance at life.

The Lewis and CIark Humane Society is also among them.

They take excellent care of the dogs they have rescued from various difficult situations.

A dog named Bubba is one of the many dogs that were rescued and given the love and care he really needed.

When he came here, he considered the shelter to be his permanent home, and he had no idea that he was there temporarily, until forever home could be found for him.

However, one of the volunteers decided that the dog had been there for too long so something should be done.

He spent ninety-four days there, after which his beloved volunteer brought him home.

It was so exciting. The post about them immediately went viral. It showed that even a small act of kindness can completely change someone’s life.

The selfless love and care of this volunteer was a vivid example of that.

Follow the example of this volunteer and if you are about to keep a dog, go to the nearest shelter and adopt a doggie from there.

They are waiting for you with great impatience…

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