Singer Cardi B announces she never had a nanny for her daughter as she was afraid of anybody being around her.


The very well-known rap singer Cardi B told us how she has been adjusting to life as a both superstar and mom of two.

The first thing she mentioned was; “I’m exhausted.” Cardi and her spouse have 2 kids 10 months old son and 4-year-old daughter.

She said that both of her kids fell sick around at the same time and left mommy Cardi spread pretty thin.

She said that this experience gave her more empathy towards her mother who has been through such kind of an experience with her and her sister Hennessy.

She said that she has never appreciated her mother more. She was wondering how her mother went through all of that. As she and her sister used to fall sick almost all the time together.

No matter how hard it can be to raise two children under 5, Cardi never though of having a nanny for them. She said that she was afraid of anybody being arounf her baby girl when she was little, besides their family.

Cardi also mentioned that she would have never manged to do so many things she loves about her work if there was not for her family.

No matter how much her family helps her she is always careful to be sure that her responsibilities do not fall fall too heavily on the shoulders of her parents.

She said that she can never be away from her children as raising them is her responsibility and she really enjoys the process.

And in her 29 years of life this is the best time when she has learned the real value of care and compassion.

She mentioned that she became more lovable, more compassonate and caring, she says she has love for all mothers, who get up early, work or not as having and raisiing a kid is alos a job.

The only type of parent that Cardi do not like is absentee parents. She thinks that if you have gone under that responsibility you should understand every little detail of it.

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