Siberian Husky Speeds Off To Do His Own Thing In Agility Contest


Participating in the 24-inch agility contest is Lobo, the Siberian Husky raised by Alan Davis from Pen Argyl, Pennsylvania.

The Westminster Kennel Club’s contest saw an unexpected detour from the script as this curious canine decided to do his own thing instead.

The beautiful dog started off fast, looking to be quite a contender. Lobo just couldn’t seem to keep his head in the game, behaving like he had quite a bad affliction of ADHD.

After all, the energy was there, but he just couldn’t focus. Eventually, the talented Siberian Husky got things together but not before logging twenty-five faults.

Lobo, the Siberian Husky, proves that you don’t always need to win to steal the show.

With more faults than anyone else in the 24-inch agility class, Lobo found himself far too caught up in the happenings of the day to focus on his course.

The detours kept showing off his cuter side. Everyone fell in Lobo, making this distracted dog a winner nonetheless.

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