She cries out of grief and refuses to eat after being returned just 3 days after adoption


Pacho’s story is a reflection of human selfishness

Puppies are noble creatures, they are related to the one who gives them a little love or warmth. This is why they seem to chase after passers-by or refuse to let you leave their home when you visit.

When we look at the homeless person, the situation becomes more acute. Because after witnessing misfortune on the sidewalks, they admire any human being who gives them a look.

That was the case with Paco, so he did not pay in the same currency, writes

The dog is only one year old.

Paco happily left the farm in Puglia (Italy), where he had lived for the past few months, after a family wanted to adopt him.

Everyone at the scene shared the vague joy, as finding a home was almost a dream for him. When the dog was rejected again, the tale turned into a nightmare.

Paco was returning just three days after the pound was adopted.

They returned the beast to the cage where they had sworn to find it as a doll.

The puppy had no idea what had happened, the whole situation had caused him despair and depression.

Pacho avoided eating due to his disappointment. Before this traumatic experience, he weighed 23 kg, and now he weighs 20 kg. In just a few hours, the unfortunate animal lost ten kilograms.

These people may not have been sure about adoption, they did not want to harm him, but they are not aware of the tragic consequences they have on this pet’s life.

Paco does not explain why he was not sought again or why he is staying there now.

Because the dog was shy, the animal’s behavior left everyone in the area very alert. He was playing with his real friends, but it seems that no one else is in the mood for it.

Pacho’s story shows human selfishness. no animal should be abandoned. please share this case help us raise awareness. Only take it when you are absolutely sure.

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