Serena performed one of the most famous songs of all time and simply amazed the entire audience and the judges as well


Today we will tell about a very wonderful girl, Serena, who already managed to achieve many successes.

She told us that she is a big fan of Whitney Houston and from the childhood often sang the international song “I will always love you”, but not on stage, only for her family members.

One day the young girl began to imagine herself performing this song in a very huge hall in front of a large crowd.

Although that dream seemed quite unattainable for her, she still did not stop thinking about it . ..

And that day came. She finally got that opportunity, which was undoubtedly sent to her by fate. Serena appeared in the Next Star talent contest.

Everything was as she had always imagined: thousands of people, a big and bright stage, and she was already in the center of everyone’s attention.

It seemed that it would be difficult and stressful for her, but as soon as she got on the stage, she felt so great that it seemed like she had been singing on big stages for years…

When the first lines of the song were played, the judges and the audience followed her with shining eyes. .

The girl sang the song perfectly and there was so much confidence in her voice.

It had a very magical quality that enchanted everyone in the hall. When she finished it, everyone got up from their seats and started clapping very loudly. Just watch this incredible video below.

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