Senior Dog slept under a blanket crying all the time until his new family came after him…


The death of his owner was terribly difficult for the senior Chihuahua. He was left all alone and had to get used to sleeping in a shelter.

His only way of comfort was to hide under the blanket and sleep…

Since his owner was no longer there, every night before bed, Scooter pulled the blanket over his head to sleep.

No matter how amazing and beautiful it seemed to people, there were fear and anxiety hidden behind it all.

The volunteers were very worried about him and were not sure if potential adopters would want to adopt the old dog.

They were afraid the poor dog would spend the rest of his days in a shelter.

However, they decided to share a photo of him under the blanket, which, as unexpected as it was for them, just set his life on a new trajectory.

A kind woman named Jessica, who had adopted two other chihuahuas, wanted to take the dog home.

It seemed to be love at first sight. In addition to a loving home, Scooter also got new friends.

They have 5 other dogs and the sweet boy finally feels so calm and happy .

However, when it’s bedtime, the sweet dog still prefers his favorite blanket to sleep.

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