See how the abandoned puppies make friends with the giant tortoise


We are always interested in hearing about strange animal friends. When many different types of animals live together, one should think about whether they get along just to get along, writes dog inspiration.

Like the touching tale of a group of orphaned puppies who find a friend and protector in an incredible species.

Andrea, a caregiver and a member of 2nd Chances Rescue, picked up three cubs a few years ago that was abandoned in the PetSmart parking lot.

Andrean told PAWsitive. “A person with these four puppies came out with a beer.” “He claimed to have caught her in his garden, but could not catch his mother.”

Andry took the cubs in and raised them, or it took him some time to adjust to his new environment. “They were scared,” Andry explained. Andry also cared for another rescue animal, an eighty-year-old sulk turtle named Goly.

Andrea soon recognized the connection between his rescue dogs, the “old tortoise” and the kittens, which at first seemed strange.

Andry noticed one day that one of the cubs was missing. He was horrified but quickly discovered that the dog was hiding in Goly’s stable.
He soon noticed that all the cubs enjoyed hugging their tortoise’s friend, which seemed to give a sense of security to the terrified puppies.

Andry noticed. “They seemed to feel a kind of security with Goliath.” “During the day, I discovered that he was hugging Goly.” He helped not only the young but also Goly.

According to Andrea, the tortoise enjoys notice and communication, but most dogs are terrified of it and ignore it.

It is obvious that the cubs had a different point of view, the tortoise calmed down from the company.

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