Rescuers has found the best way for the doggie who needs to be cared and held all the time


“As long as he feels relaxed and comfortable, that’s all that matters.”

When Billy was brought to the shelter, at first the rescuers were not sure how they would be able to meet all the needs of the 11-year-old blind puppy and the need to constantly take care of him.

Then they found the wonderful solution. It was just perfect. And it was not the first time that this gave a great result.

They have a dummy named FARC that helps comfort the old dogs.

The idea came about during a time when there was a great need to deal with the separation anxiety of their senior pug,

Shorty. The thing is, every time they left him, Shorty became sad, starting to miss his father. Then Joan McMalnus had a brilliant idea.

It just worked great. Whenever one of the doggies needs extra attention, the dummy comes to the rescue.

FARC is always ready to please its visitors who want endless relaxation.

As for Bill, he is a very shy boy who doesn’t like to be on his own, so this dummy is a great way to keep him happy.

After some weeks being in very caring hands, Billy finally found his perfect family where he gets the love he deserves.

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