Rescued donkey turns on the charm


When his father confronts him as he enters the canteen, Steve the donkey reacts as any other child would.

Steve the donkey seems to have a bad habit. he constantly steals food, trying to be as secretive as possible.

But he left behind the accusatory evidence of the donkey’s teeth on the feeding.

His father also says that no other donkey can be to blame, as the intrusion only happens when Steve is out and can do it.

Steve hears all this evidence, he knows he was destroyed.

Instead of trying to resist the truth, he turns to look beautiful, with big, warm, sad puppy eyes with which he looks at his father.

This strategy clearly works because his father is gentle, he does not want Steve to be ashamed or embarrassed.

Let’s face it, smart Steve knows that. He hugs his father when he tries to teach him, and when it seems that he succeeds, he raises the warning, giving him soft, loving kisses.

It’s very hard to be strict when they are full of signs of love and warmth and Steve’s father is no different. He tries to finish the lecture by asking Steve not to eat any more food.

And because he is so sweet, adorable, gentle, with a big warm heart, he will run away from it again.

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