Parents furious restaurant put this note on the door…


There are typically both younger and older children in a family. Occasionally, families enjoy dining out together. As a result, when eating out in public, the young children might act like kids.

Little children occasionally become a little messier and rowdier while waiting for everyone else to finish eating. You just come to expect these things when you go to a restaurant for families.

Everyone is aware that not all fast food restaurants are suitable for families. However, you can imagine how surprised these young family members were when they visited an Arby’s in Minnesota.

This Arby’s had a sign posted on the door so that everyone could read it before entering.

“Only well-behaved children who are able to keep their food on their trays and their bottoms on their seats are welcome” was written on the sign.

You will be approached to leave in the event that you can’t do this.” Imagine being a parent of a rowdy child between the ages of two and three who simply desired a quick meal with other children.

Imagine how strange it would be if Arby’s, a fast food restaurant that serves sandwiches like any other, did not display this sign for everyone to read before entering.

If you go to a family-friendly fast food joint, you can anticipate chaos and running around from children. However, this Arby was getting weary of it.

This restaurant has made it difficult for many parents with young children to choose it as a place to eat out by displaying this sign on the door.

Imagine trying to finish your meal at Arby’s while waiting for your child to get up from his seat or drop his fries on the floor.

Eating has become uncomfortable, and going out to eat with the family is no longer an enjoyable experience. The fact that the sign was put up in the first place upsets many parents.

They claim that there are no white tablecloths in this establishment. In Elk River, Minnesota, this Arby’s is just like any other fast food restaurant.

However, the restaurant has decided to make it uncomfortable for families with young children or at least make them reconsider coming here as a family.

Although there aren’t many other places to eat in their city, not everyone is willing or able to boycott the restaurant.

The business’s door sign was shared on social media so that anyone in the world could see it. On social media, people talked about the sign.

Some concurred with Arby’s, however, others were furious and could hardly imagine how such a sign was at any point placed in the entryway of a business.

The way children are, some behave better than others. Some kids behave well when they go out to eat, while others don’t.

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