Noticing the mother dog, who was trying to ask for help, the kind woman immediately approached her


Being without any help, the black pit bull had to give birth alone. Fortunately, he was noticed by Stefani, who was crossing the street at that time.

She saw how the mother dog held one of the puppies in her mouth and the poor dog, apparently, tried to ask for help from someone.

He wanted someone to approach him, but he didn’t know how to do that.

Stephanie realized that she should give a helping hand to them, so she urgently contacted the local rescuers.

They immediately went there and found the dog lying next to Stephanie’s house with her newborn puppies.

She was snuggled up to her puppies, showing the rescuer her back. The point is that the caring mother was still scared and seemed to protect her babies from people.

She would growl every time someone tried to approach her and her pups. Obviously, the mother dog was ready to do anything to protect them.

Therefore, the rescuers worked very carefully, trying to gradually gain his trust.

They kept talking nicely to her, so she soon understood that they wanted to help, and finally allowed them to approach.

Therefore, the rescuers moved the whole family in boxes and drove to the local shelter.

The mother and her 6 pups stayed there, where it was very safe and clean.  They were under the care of kind and caring people.

The young mother, who was still afraid at first, stopped being wary of the rescuers when they gave her a very warm and comfortable towel to sleep with her pups.

So in a few days she became very calm and friendly. The sweet family was supposed to stay there for another 8 weeks, after which they would be ready for adoption.

Thanks to the efforts of these kind people, the sweet dogs were saved and are now in safe hands, happy and healthy.

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