Noticing the cat in his bed the dog got really confused and decided to fight to the end


One day when this dog came into the living room to sleep on his soft bed, he felt that something was wrong.

Running to the bed, he saw the cat who was carefully looking at him from there.

The dog, seeing him, got clearly worried and began to walk restlessly around the bed.

The kitten was obviously quite comfortable and wasn’t even going to move.

However, it was clear from the dog’s attitude that he was not going to give up either.

He continued to move restlessly and barked. He then tried to somehow ask for help from his dad, who was filming the ordeal at that moment.

Seeing that they don’t give it to him, he decides that he needs to solve the problem himself by being a little more aggressive with the cat.

He putshis head under it, as if trying to at least get rid of the cat in that way, and turned half of the bed.

It didn’t work too, because the little kitten just meowed a little .

Then he decided to drag the bed with his mouth, but his efforts were again in vain and the poor dog seemed to already give up.

So he lay down next to the bed to think of a new plan. And here is the thought:

“Maybe the cat will agree to share?” So he decided to try it and turned out the cat was perfectly fine with it.

Eventually, he ends up half on the bed, then on the side of the bed, at which point the cat himself discovered that there was a softer “bed” climbing onto the dog.

Now, they both seem quite satisfied and happy.

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