Non-stop laughter for 15 minutes!! Watch this hilarious improvisation from two great comedians


It was 1977 when the comedian Jonathan Winters came as a guest to this famous show and charmed everyone.

He starts making such jokes, which just makes everyone present laugh uncontrollably. During the show, Winters also told a funny story.

When he was young, he would climb into the barn with the birds making noises. He first worked on a farm for about seven years. Earning only $25 in 3months, he spent it on buying himself a bicycle.

Their conversation turns out so great. Winters is ready to tell a new joke every minute, then announces that he is going to cover a “semi-funny” tale.

He starts making campaign promises, thus mocking politicians.

Carson continues to be interviewed while they have a wonderfully improvised interaction with each other.

You’re in for a really fun show, headlined by these two great comedians. Nonsstop laughter for over fifteen minutes.

What amazes and impresses the most is that their improvisation is so spontaneous and sincere that it will make even the most serious person laugh. How hilarious when they joke around together!

Here you can watch the video.


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