No one knows how long the puppy lay in the bushes, surviving without food or water


They abandoned the little puppies and left them near the store.

When the store owners saw them, they took them to the gas station.

Kind people started to feed the babies and take care of them.

One day, when the people came again to take care of the pups, they heard a very low whining noises from among the bushes.

Suddenly the people found there the third puppy, which was very weak and exhausted.

The little boy was quickly taken to the clinic and it was found that his back legs were broken.

Baby was probably hit by a car and left there all alone.

No one knows how long he was there in that condition and how he managed to survive without food and water.

The puppy was also completely dehydrated and extremely thin. They immediately started treating the baby.

The dog is currently under the care of veterinarians, as he still needs round-the-clock care.

Since the baby is severely malnourished, he is not allowed to move for now, but we are sure that he will overcome all the difficulties and find his forever family.

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