No one expected this to happen; Her sister interrupted the wedding.


You might be happy and sad at the same time from this story. It is about Dean Berckenhoff and Monica, his fiancée, who unexpectedly lost Dean’s oldest son, Colton, who was  11 years old, in an accident.

Colton’s organs will be donated by a Texas couple. He felt sorry for a 20-year-old man who had spent the majority of his life in and out of the hospital due to a serious illness.

Travis Stufflebean was born with that problem, and from the time he was born, he had five very difficult and serious open-heart surgeries.

He was added to the list for transplants. He got the best and most significant news of his life just a few months later. He won Colton’s affection.

He couldn’t believe that a miracle had occurred and that he had the opportunity to resume his normal life.

Nearly 114,000 Americans are placed on the waiting list each year for organ transplants that can save their lives. According to statistics, a new name is added to the national transplant waiting list every ten minutes.

Monica and Dean made the decision to commemorate their seven-year wedding anniversary. They’ve been together for ten years and have two kids already.

Everything went according to plan. The couple, the guests, and everyone else had a good time.

However, Monica’s sister unexpectedly raised her hand to make an objection just as the most significant ceremony of announcing them as husband and wife was about to begin.

Watch the video below to learn the touching reason for the sudden interruption of her sister’s wedding.

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