Never be scared of staying alone. Be afraid of being in a toxic relationship


On these days dating have become such a hard thing as people are afraid of toxic relationships. To face the problems, there are lots of dramatic changes in our lives.

Social values have changed a lot and the ongrowing technologies the dating scene has changed too and not for the better.

What’s worse is that courage among men seems to be dead. The good side is that lots of women don’t mind seeing this, even more they feel more librated than they did like decades ago.

This modernity leaves men confused and women who still believe in and like chivalry feel like missing out. All these changes can be considered good for humans’ progress, but it’s not good for dating.

When things come to dating people are confused. Most of the time they are afraid of awful relationships, but there is also a fear of staying alone, so they get togetehr with someone who does not meet their standards.

It’s like people are accepting the bare minimum just to be with someone. This brings lots of relationship problems.
So all in all what keeps a person in a bad relations?

Many people prefer being in toxic or even abusive relationships thinking that it’s better than being alone. That’s how they decide to deal with unhappiness.

We want to show you some reasons why people stay in bad relationships. Thinking there is no one better.

As we already know dating is hard and to find someine that can be compatible for you is even harder, feels like looking for a needle in a haystack. It’s so difficult that sometimes you can even have no prospect.

When you start feeling this way it seems scary to give up on your partner. Even if you ain’t happy in your relationship.

Looking back to the moments you have lived toegether makes you feel like you ‘ll never have such kinds of feelings ever again. Creating everything all the way again seems scary.

Even the idea of going through all that dating process again seems a little bit boring, especially in the case when you have no prospect at all. What’s worse you may give up on the idea of being in a happy relationship.

Change this way of thinking, if you want to be happy someday. Remeber taht you can never meet that someone if you are stuck with the wrong one all the time.

Very well known relationship coach Jorday Gray says that if one wants to get into a good relationship you need to improve yourself. Work on yourself and you’ll meet the right people on your way for sure.

Feeling that you are not worth it. Psychologist Suzanne Lachmann suggests that feeling of not deserving beeter comes from the past bad experiences that we had.

That things can influence their outlook or “in-look” as doctor puts it. All the people have things that they hold to from their past and tht experiences make them think that they do not deserve.

And for some people it becomes a reason for staying in bad relationships. Changes are always difficult, but to realize that you need it is the first step.

And for this to come to reality you may need a hand to show you thw issues you are dealing with. For example you may be financially dependent on your partner.

In that case when you get all your financial support from your partner, even the thought of leaving him in this expensive world may seem terrifying

At first stage it can be tough and hard getting out of this situation and then everything will get on their place. The hardships does not mean you are stuck, it jsut means that you need to be prepared for struggles and get creative.

There are even programs that can help you in doing so. When you are at the stage of worring how to handle life on your own, just give yourself a chance and you’ll see what happens.

Here are some proven facts that being alone can be better for a person. You shoudn’t be afraid to be alone. Here are the reasons to embrace loneliness.

Focus on self-building.

In the process of toxic relationships your self-esteem might reach the lowest level of it. You may have no confidence at all. When you are single it’s easier to get your self-esteem back.

The first reason is that you don’t have some stupid partner around eating away at your self-love. Never think of being single as being alone. Take youself out on beautiful dates, find out new things about yourself.

With time you’ll get to know you better and fall in love with yourself even more. Make yourself happy. Create the room for the right partner in your life. After you find yourself, after your self-esteem is higher and no one can ever make it go down.

Being in a lousy relationship is not good as you may skip the right one, as he knows how to respect the boudaries and will never bother you.

You must know that it’s okay to be alone. It’s not scary, nor bad. Stop sticking to that wrong person just because you are scared. Make sure you are healed from dealing with the wrong person so that all your old feelings won’t affect your new relationships.

Our society makes us believe that we should be dating by a certain age, married by a certain age and have kids by acertain age.

This is the time where people are more focused on themselves than on relationships. And being alone is nothig bad it’s just a personal choice.

Live your life to the fullest, make your own desicions, believe that you should be happy the way you want to be. Live the way you want so that after setting down you won’t have any regrets in life.

Never let people have pressure on you or make you think that something is wrong wit you just because you don’t want to date. Get all the best from it and you’ll discover what you really want in life and in your partner.

Being with wrong person and having some other thoughts may interfere your thinking about what you really want. You just have on blinders and don’t see or notice anything.

If you want out of it get out of it, if you ain’t happy just let it go. Being single helps you get in touch with your feelings and understand what you want and don’t in your future relations and partner.

We are social creatures and loneliness is really hard, however it can be temporary and a period of enlightenement to help you grow and become a better person.

Face your fears get out of the relationships you find abusive or toxic. Give yourself time and you’ll see how good and productive life can actually be.

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