Neighbors have always noticed the dog walking along the same streets, but never knew he had a specific reason for doing so


The white dog wandered the streets for a long time. He had been starving for so long that he could barely move already.

The dog was confused and did not pay attention to passers-by and cars.

He was very sad and seemed that he had lost his hope…It was as if the world had become a very sad place in his eyes.

Neighbours often saw this dog, but they did not know what happened to him.

It was only later that it turned out that the dog was not actually homeless.

His owners went to work every morning and he stayed on the street. The pet, whose name was Jindol, was a healthy and beautiful dog, active and with very happy eyes. His life changed completely when his human mother died.

It was a terrible loss for him. He loved her the most in this world, so when she died, Jindol changed a lot.

At first, he was constantly whining and crying all the time, and then he started wandering along the roads where they always walked with his owner.

Everything led to the fact that the animal even began to get sick from longing.

Seeing how Jindol was suffering from the loss of his mother, the woman’s son tried to think of something to help him.

He went for a walk with the dog along the paths that the dog was used to. He has great hope that this will help the dog and he will gradually overcome the pain. Let’s pray for the sweet dog.

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