Mom’s toothbrush disappeared, so she called Husky


Our dogs seem to be very interested in what we do, good or bad.

Imitation is the most genuine egg of flattery, but some things are unlimited, such as toothbrushes. It’s time to dump her and move on.

The father said. “Maverick likes to watch my girlfriend and I brush our teeth. He sits in the bathroom, wondering what we are doing.

A few weeks ago, my girlfriend Caitlin stopped brushing her teeth; she was washing her face when Maverick, our husband, jumped up to the sink, grabbed her toothbrush, and ran down to the living room, into her mouth.

Being on my phone at the time, he was shouting that he had stolen his toothbrush, so I started videotaping the video where he was embarrassed, showing that he was like us with his toothbrush.

Caitlin went downstairs to take it from her, she tried to get away from him until she dropped the corner with her toothbrush still in her mouth.


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