Mommy Linx ran out to bring back her baby who continuously tried to run away


The wild lynx and her babues were in fairly safe hands, as they were being cared for by a Russian woman.

They felt great. The lady’s daughter also loved the babues and they played together sometimes.

Two mischievous baby lynxes sometimes tried to rest in the girl’s bed.

After some time, the lady was already sitting in the wooden cabin next to the lynx mother and her babies.

The Lynx moms were not at all bothered by her presence and quite the opposite. her care for her babies was delightful.

They first began to enjoy the pleasant weather with their kittens together, after which the 2 big cats lay down on the ground and began to rest.

Soon, one of the babues decided to play with the mother, and the other of the kittens went out into the garden, because of which the worried mother began to follow the little one.

Then she grabbed his jaws and brought the naughty little one inside. All the same, the baby did not intend to stay and ran out again.

However, Lynx brought the adorable creature inside again and decided to place him on the upper deck so that it could not leave the area.

After that, it became impossible to run away. They then rested warmly on the woman’s leg.

The kind woman hugged and caressed them, thanks to which they felt very calm.

One of the kittens even soon calmed down and fell asleep in the woman’s arms .

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