Meet the world’s smallest dog, Tola, whose charm will charm anybody


On the internet, this adorable dog is already well-known. He is well-known for being the tiniest puppy, as shown by his pictures.

Because it occurs so infrequently, Tola’s birth is a natural wonder. The incredible kindness of this small creature cannot be disputed by animal lovers.

By looking at the frames, you can see why it is so small and looks like an apple. Monica is the name of the dog’s owner.

She claims that her friends have been coming over frequently ever since she got this amusing creature, and she now realizes that the dog deserves more credit than she does.

Isn’t he adorable? He is just over two months old and six centimeters tall. Despite its small size, it develops normally.

Tola doesn’t eat or drink very often because of his height. Everyone in the house moves very slowly because there is a good chance they won’t find him.

Additionally, I simply adore this infant; It’s hard not to want to pet such an amazing creature.

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