Man Digs a Hole in the Ground, But What Emerged From Within Broke My Heart Into Pieces


People can sometimes be quite heartless and cruel. It seems that everyone goes out of their way, regardless of the expenses of those around them.

Here is a video that shows that not everyone is like that. There are still good people who want to help others who need it, even animals, no matter how small.

This collection of short videos reminds us that there will always be a few tender-hearted people who will take the time of their day, and sometimes even risk their lives, to help needy creatures.

Author John Bunyan said. “You did not live today until you did something for someone who can never repay you.”

Dogs seem to get in touch quite often. In the first video, a merchant ship notices something standing on top of a small iceberg floating in the ocean.

When they realize that it is an iceberg dog, one of the sailors voluntarily turns to the icy waters to return the exhausted, trembling dog to the boat.

In Romania, a man endangers the icy waters of a canal to save a dog stuck on a broken bridge. He crosses the water and hands the dog to another person on the shore.

Realizing that he was free, the dog ran away, whining and jumping for joy. Suddenly the dog, as if changing its mind, runs back to the men, whining and wagging its tail. He wanted to thank his heroes.

Even wildlife can sometimes get stuck. In the video, it is seen that the adult bear is standing nervously next to a tall garbage truck.

Unexpectedly, the pickup truck returns to the dumpster, and the person in the truck bed lowers the ladder into it before going to race.

Almost immediately after they leave, a small brown head comes out of the bin. Three cubs were stuck in the trash, poor mother bear did not know what to do. The cubs quickly climb the ladder and run away with their mother.

This is the kind of inspirational video that inspires us to be better, reminds us that there are still good people in the world. Be one of those people. Remember, every life is precious.

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