Mama Dog Found Tied Up In The Cold Forest Kept Her Newborn Puppies Alive While They Waited For Help


Lara, who is considered a mix of pit bulls, unfortunately, has lived with the wrong people for too long, writes blog.theanimalrescuesite.greatergood.

While she was pregnant, her former owner brought her to the forest near Nafplion, Greece, leaving her chained to nowhere, where she was forced to give birth alone, without food, water or shelter.

Lara was able to survive, keeping her cubs alive for ten days in cold, rainy weather, until they were finally rescued.

The saddest thing is that people in the nearby village knew about Lara but did not help her or her cubs, nor did they give her food or water.

When the rescuers saw him for the first time, they were sad. Lara was in terrible shape.

He was so malnourished that all his ribs protruded.

He was also dehydrated, frightened and in complete shock. Unfortunately, one of his cubs did not survive, but the other three recovered well

Lara and her cubs were taken to hospital and treated for their illnesses. Fortunately, they all survived and now live much better.

Lara also tested negative for all diseases and has gained so much weight since then.

They stay with their new foster mother, Linda, until they find eternal homes. Linda dedicates her life to rescuing stray dogs, she cares so much about them.

She has cared for about 300 dogs over the past five years.

Many of them came to him on the verge of death, and he successfully fed them in full health. There is no doubt that he will do the same for Lara and her cubs.

If you are interested in adopting these puppies, please contact their foster mother, Linda, at [email protected].

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