Loyal cat drives the kids to school every day and even tries to accompany them inside


Two years ago, Iveta, a mother of two, adopted Launa from the shelter. The cat quickly became a part of the family and developed a special bond with the children.

The kids stayed at home a lot. She walked the kids and went around with them.

Even though the children were homeschooled, Iveta attended school each day to qualify for free lunches. Even after the kids resumed full-time schooling, Launa remained with them.

Launa decided to enroll in school at some point. She sneaked into the building after the students, but she was quickly discovered.

Iveta repeatedly apologized to the teacher because she was surprised by the cat’s boldness.

Launa was waiting at the main doors and trying to enter as if she were waiting for the right time when Iveta rushed to the school.

When she saw Iveta, the cat, on the other hand, pretended nothing had happened. They were only able to bring the cat safely inside by feeding it.

Don’t give up because we’re sure the cat will try again. What’s going on?

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