Little Pit Bull puppy finds happiness in shelter after being adopted by firefighters


Although happy and healthy today, “Chunky” is a completely different dog than it was in October. 3-month-old Pitbull was rescued after being spotted by Sacramento firefighters on the way to call him.

He was out in the rain, tied to a tree, suffering from the plague.

From what Agoniz saw, they could not have imagined leaving him in such a bad condition. So Mike Towley և and his crew were brought back to the fire department.

When they returned, they bathed him, warmed him, and, of course, wished him the best for Chunky, the firefighters decided that it was best to take him to a shelter where he could be properly cared for and relocated.

Knowing that he was in the best of shelter, Taul could not help but think of Changi, and the next day he returned to the shelter to visit her.

It was clear that they both loved each other.

Towley also fell in love with Changi and decided they wanted to take her home. After waiting for 4 months, Chunky finished his plague treatment and was able to go home with Towley.

The family welcomed the new addition to their family, Chank more beloved than ever: We wish everyone the best.

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