Little boy rescued from drowning by family dog


This heartwarming story, fortunately, has a happy ending for a “brave dog” and an almost drowned boy.

This story proves that dogs are the best guard animals in the world.

One fine day, a man and his dog were running to the beach when a man suddenly spotted a child in the water, where the river and the ocean meet.

The child pulled the tide out of the nearest rocky outcrop. It was in a panic in danger of drowning.

The man was about to jump into the water when he realized that his dog, the Staffy-Bulldog mixture, was already swimming toward the child.

The dog was wearing a life jacket on the beach that day, but he was a good swimmer, even without it.

The man shouted at the child to call the dog for help. The dog approached him, the boy grabbed the dog with the rescue jacket by the handle, and they both returned to shore.

The dog was so happy that he did his part to help the needy little boy.


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