‘Like My Father’… The talented girl chose the song as she got very inspired by the lyrics


It is difficult to hold back emotions while watching this performance.

The lyrics of this song are about a girl who, after seeing how her father treated her mother, she did all the right things to love well.

The voice of the talented singer is so unique that it seems that it begins to slide over and under each note of this song, conveying the meaning of any word of it brilliantly .

The thing is that it even doesn’t take any effort for her to hit such high notes. The two judges, listening intently to the song, eventually decide to turn their chairs.

Cara, clearly pleased, started smiling, ending the song gracefully.

The judges are interested in the choice of song and whether there was a source of inspiration, and she confesses, mentioning her father and saying how much she loves her mother.

She really wants to be with a man like him one day…

Kara’s unique voice pleasantly caresses everyone’s ears, which is like fresh air, giving a new breath…

No doubt, she has a bright future ahead of her.

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