Kind boy with a limp helps a mom get her stroller on the bus, her spouse comes to him the next day


As he watched his classmates play basketball, Robert let out a heavy sigh. He was sorry because he had always aspired to become a well-known player one day.

He wanted to compete at every tournament for his school, but no one took him seriously. Due to the fact that no one believed he could play sports or run with a prosthetic leg, he was always viewed as merely a spectator.

Robert was born with a leg malformation. He had to have an amputation because of this. With tears in his eyes, he hoped that the other players would invite him to join them or replace someone.

But if Robert played for them, they thought their team would lose. Robert thanked the game’s winners at the conclusion of gym class.

After that, he slowly made his way to the closest bus stop by grabbing his backpack and crutch. A bus arrived after five minutes.

When Robert got on, he waited for the others to do so because he didn’t want to be teased or called a straggler. He didn’t feel insecure, but he resented it when others made mean remarks about him without his knowledge.

He walked over to the wheelchair-accessible seat. Because Robert was well-known to the driver and conductor, it had already been reserved for him. He was always there.

The driver also knew a lot about Rebecca, Robert’s mother. He was aware of her difficulties as a single mother who had been abandoned by Harry, the man she had trusted and loved.

Robert and his mother Rebecca lived a completely different life five years ago. Harry, Robert’s father, was still living with them at home. Harry was more than just a father figure; he was a model and an inspiration to his son.

Robert used to say, “My dad is my hero!” proudly. In the small court in front of their house, he and his father loved to play basketball.

Robert started dreaming of becoming a basketball player one day, but not just any basketball player; he wanted to be a well-known player. It was a happy and peaceful life.

The family was content with what they had. However, Harry’s devotion to his family waned when he was promoted and sent overseas.

When he fell in love with another woman, he forgot that he was already married and had a child who was 7 years old.

Harry did not hesitate to tell Rebecca about his extramarital affair. He soon divorced her and broke her heart. Robert and his father lost a significant portion of their childhood together.

For the sake of his mother, he pulled himself together despite feeling alone and unloved. You must attend school and study diligently.

She frequently advised Robert, “Don’t let any obstacle stop you from achieving your dreams.” His passion was nourished by these words alone.

Robert had not seen his father in five years. Harry paid child support alone allowed him to keep in touch with his son. He had two children by marrying his girlfriend.

Harry gave his new family the life of a fairy tale, but he left his ex-wife and son, who loved and respected him. Robert regained his sense of reality as the bus overtook a speed bump.

A woman was the last person in line when it stopped at the next station to pick up passengers. Her infant was fast asleep in the stroller that she was holding.

Robert sought assistance to lift the woman into the bus after watching her push her stroller. However, the majority of the passengers, men, pretended not to notice.

As a result, the young boy rushed to her aid without thinking. As he grabbed the stroller and brought it inside, he said, “Miss, hold the other side, careful…gently…gently.”

The driver then assisted him, and the stroller was inside in a matter of minutes. I am so grateful!” The lady grinned. When she saw Robert limping to his seat, she realized he was having trouble walking.

He got up as she brought the stroller closer to him. Miss, would you like to sit down? He questioned her. There is still a small area. Please take a seat.

The woman, whose name was Sandra, was moved by this strange boy’s kindness. She asked him, “Do you like playing basketball?” after she noticed a small basketball keychain on the zipper of his backpack.

Robert’s eyes lit up with a glimmer of happiness, and he exclaimed: I’m a basketball fanatic. I want to play at the national level. My dad and I used to play every day.

However, since he left us, I do not have anyone to coach me. “He quit you?” worried, Sandra inquired. Robert let out a sob of agony.

He told her about his struggle to make the basketball team at his school and his parents’ divorce. Sandra added, “My husband was also a basketball player.”

Robert got up to assist her when she reached her stop and began to get off the bus, but she smiled and refused. “Dear, I can get off. At the stop, my mother-in-law is waiting for me.

I am so grateful! She stated Robert said his goodbyes with a wave before getting ready to board at his house’s next stop.

Since it was a Saturday the following day, Robert’s school was closed.

When the doorbell rang, he was using his mother’s laptop to watch NBA games. When Robert opened his crutch, he saw a tall, muscular man holding a basketball on his porch.

Robert was taken aback and inquired, “Sir, how can I assist you?” Robert was presented with the ball, loose shorts, and jerseys by the man with a smile. “Champ, prepare yourself for practice.

I’m here to teach you. Wouldn’t it be cool to have you represent your school at the next state game? Robert wept because he couldn’t believe his eyes.

The man turned out to be Jacob, Sandra’s husband. He used to play basketball and served in the military. Sandra had mentioned Robert to him, and the previous day, they discovered Robert’s school address.

For six months, Jacob coached Robert three times a week. He showed the boy new ways to control the ball and his speed in games.

Jacob encouraged Robert to overcome all obstacles in addition to providing him with coaching. Winners don’t just happen.

He frequently told him, “We make them.” Six months later, Robert participated in a school test game and was chosen to participate in the interscholastic tournament as a teammate.

Boys who had shunned him due to his disability came together to help him. On the court, they booed Robert and his flawless shots. They recognized that he was an asset to their team and wanted to be friends with him.

Robert played for his school in an interschool game a few months later. Harry, his father, attended the event after learning of his son’s popularity in sports.

He felt bad for not taking care of Robert. After his winning game, Harry met with him and apologized to him. Robert no longer felt his father’s absence after that point.

They met frequently, and Harry even went to Robert’s tournaments with him. Robert maintained his devotion to Sandra and Jacob despite his newfound fame and friendship.

He never forgot how they helped him and always thought of them as his guardian angels who helped him get out of the dark into the light.

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