It feels like that these stunning lights came straight from some video game… More pictures here


Do you see these wonderful lights?

And do you know what causes them to occur?

Cold weather may be unpleasant for many, but on the other hand, it creates these stunning lights, because they only appear when the air tempeature is below the freezing point of water.

In addition, for the occurrence of these wonderful lights, a source for them is also necessary, for which ordinary street lights can be enough.

Ice crystals that form in the air when the temperature is below 0 have a more significant effect on this wonderful event.

They usually disappear before they reach the ground, but ice crystals can accumulate on the floor if the right icy conditions are present.

In addition, the weather should be favorable and without wind. It can interfere with light reflection.

Apart from artificial lights, the pillars of light can also come from the Sun, because it can create its own pillars of light.

Another prerequisite is that the clouds must also be thin enough to reach our eyes .

Here are the main reasons that form this fairy-tale image.

I think it became clear why light pillars are so rare, because in order to witness them, a number of conditions must be met.

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