Incredible Jennifer Aniston tried for years to win a man’s heart but he got engaged to someone else


Jennifer Aniston, best known for her role as an enviable bride, has had a crush on Jon Hamm, her coworker on “The Morning Show.”

Aniston even insisted that Hamm be invited to shoot the third season as the show’s producer, giving her more chances to win Hamm’s heart.

But Hamm got engaged suddenly, despite her efforts, and things did not go as planned.

An insider claims that Hamm’s long-term relationship with Anna Osceola, his fiancée, was well-known in Hollywood.

The insider told Heat World, “It was one of Hollywood’s worst-kept secrets for many years – long before Jen invited him to The Morning Show.”

Even though Aniston is said to be unhappy about the situation, she is reportedly trying to move on as soon as possible and resume her work on the show.

“At least now, you don’t have to wonder what would have happened if she hadn’t tried,” a friend of the actress said. Aniston has been disappointed in love before, and this is not the first time she has done so.

The actress’ marriage to Brad Pitt, which lasted for five years, was famously ended because of his involvement with Angelina Jolie. Aniston continues to be adored and revered in Hollywood despite these setbacks.

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