Ilya went fishing that day, but suddenly he heard a sound from the shore and rushed there…


One morning, Ilya decided to go fishing, but as he couldn’t catch a fish that day, the young man decided to walk in the forest.

As he was walking, he heard a voice coming from near the swamp.

When he got closer, he saw a big dog there.

At that time, the dog tried to approach the shore, but his attempts were in vain.

He stayed there so long that he was completely exhausted.

He couldn’t even move his legs anymore. Seeing all that, the man rushed to help the dog.

At first, the dog did not understand what was happening and did not want to let his rescuer approach him.

He barely growled at him, but when the man realized that the dog was completely exhausted and would not harm him, he quickly pulled him to the shore.

After that he dog did not move for a long time. He was lying on the shore and barely breathing.

Then, finally, he tried to get up, gathered his strength, barked goodbye and left.

Fortunately, a man working as a teacher at the school came to his aid just in time and prevented him from drowning.

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