If you live in Frankfurt, you’ve probably already met the gorgeous white horse that walks around the city every morning.


Every day in Frankfurt you can meet a gorgeous white horse who was walking the streets.

She knows the way perfectly, so she does not need guards to guide her, always impressing all passers-by. However, there is a story behind all this.

The fact is that the 25-year-old horse, whose naname is Jenny, was always driven this way by her previous owner, who died 16 years ago.

Therefore, the gentle horse keeps this tradition for years and goes out for aw alk all over the city every morning.

Previously, she wasn’t walk on her own. However, when Werner died at the age of 83, everything changed in her life.

After some time, one of Jenny’s best friends,named Charlie, also died.So Werner’s wife decided to walk with the horse instead of her husband.

At first, they went on walks together several times, but later the woman realized that the horse can manage on its own.

Since then, she goes out every day and walks the streets of the city, which she knows very well.

Some may consider a horse ,wandering around the city all alone, strange, or sometimes dangerous, because it is not so common to meet lone horses on the street.

However, she is a very kind and sweet horse and those who know her know that very well.

She now walks around like any other pedestrian walking in the city.

A woman who works with law enforcement in Frankfurt made sure that Jenny and the townspeople are completely safe.

All of this is evidenced by the fact that during these 15 years there have not been any incidents related to the sweet horse.

Jenny has already become very popular among the local people and they are all looking forward to their next meeting with the kind horse.

Some often stop to pet the animal, and sometimes even clean up after it.

Jenny managed to become loved and famous all over city, giving many warm memories and smiles to people from all over the world.

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