Horse Sees His Best Friend After 4-Long Years, Loses Control & Goes Mad With Joy


Horses Arthur, William Harry grew up best friends, writes ilovemydogsomuch.

These racehorses were the pride of Sue Blagbern, a British woman who loved her horses with all her heart.

However, difficult times forced him to make the difficult decision to sell Arthur.

But Sean missed him, and so did William and Harry. Sun worked hard for almost five years before he was able to buy her again

When Arthur found his way back home to his childhood, Syu was unsure of how he would react to his former teammates. After all, the trio was so young at the time that they were likely to forget each other.

But in this video, Sue’s fears disappear the moment Harry sees Arthur.

The couple runs towards each other, and soon William is also behind. The trio seems to be continuing where they left off as they tease each other and roll over to celebrate together.

Sun was amazed to see her little ones spinning happily, and so did we. Their beautiful reunion is proof that true friendship never dies.

Click on the video below to see how the horses have the most inspiring reunion.

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