Hikers Find Dog Missing for Almost a Month in Australian National Park


The Australian suburbs are not very forgiving, so when some bushwalkers came across dogfighting in a Queensland rock pool, they realized they had to act fast.

A Reddit Dangerm0use user was walking with his father-in-law in Glory Mountain National Park when they found an exhausted dog.

Not knowing how long the dog had been in the water, where it came from, or whether it was even friendly, they went to work.

“In any case, we could not leave it in the frozen water. “He was completely exhausted from the attempts to get out of the deep part of which he had fallen. He could not survive the night at all,” the woman wrote.

Grabbing the largest stick they could find, the hikers wrapped a rope around the dog’s shoulders and dragged him to a rock.

“The dog was not aggressive at all, in fact he left us with a very timid stick, in the thick lantana by the pool by the shore,” he said.

“We realized that if he was someone’s pet, there was a possibility that he was thrown away or lost.”

The dog did not want to join the trio, but they were not going to leave him there.

“It was in a completely inhospitable part of the bush, a flood, on one side of which was the face of a rock and a hectare of the national park, and on the other side of a rocky, rocky, inconsolable shore to the busy road.

“There were no houses within a radius of at least 5 km.

There was no obvious way for him to find a way out of the gorge on his own,” he said. “We saw that his fragile little trunk disappeared into the lantana, leaving us no choice but to go with him.”

They tried to comfort the dog and allow him to regain his strength. It took more than just encouragement to get this 88-pound kitten out of the canyon.

“He was very depressed, he was obviously still exhausted. I snatched the lantana from its small nest, gradually approaching it, allowing it to get used to our being there.

“He was still scared, but not aggressive, so after a while I took the opportunity to scratch his head. He rewarded me by licking my hand,” the woman wrote.

Although it was obvious that we had been camping there for at least a few days, we noticed that our little escort was not lacking in mass, which led us to call her “Miss Pig”. We spent a little more time getting to know Miss Piggy, while we started working out a plan to get her out. ”

With a strong rope, a few slippery knots, they were able to make a leash, pull Miss Pig out of the hole, loose rocks, over a brush.

“The little sweetheart showed that he appreciates our patience by turning to me and putting his head on my leg. “I did not want to get to know him very well until now, but he allowed me to wrap him in hope,” the woman wrote.

“It became quite obvious that he would not be able to fill it in the bank until we took him, so we were confusing the options of putting on seat belts, towels, towels, ropes.

My husband had a brainstorm, remembering that we had a large canvas bag in our car (walking back 15 minutes into the stream).

“We thought that if we could put him in the bag, McGiver could pack up to take him out.”

Attaching the canvas bag to a large branch, the woman’s brother and father took Miss Piggy out of the gorge and into a safe place. It took a full 30 minutes to reach the nearest street, just a 3-meter vertical climb.

About 15 miles [15 km] north of where the dog was found, its owner was still hoping for the best.

Ellie-Bobby, the dog’s real name, disappeared on June 30 and was found on July 23. The riders had no idea what he was doing during that time.

“Her condition was surprisingly good for a kitten who had been homeless for about a month.

“We have no idea how he found himself in such an isolated part of the bush, without injuries, missing only elementary signs,” the woman wrote.

“We thought he might have been taken away and thrown away, or that he had found a temporary home but did not stay.

Whatever the story, we were just happy to be in the right place at the right time so that we could help him. ”

Bobby’s owner never stopped believing that he would come home, he organized a poster campaign in the “considerable Facebook” district, hoping to find him.

The couple was very happy to be reunited, as were many others who made history. After Dangerm0use published its photo magazine on Reddit, it went viral and has been viewed more than 500,000 times since.

“Whatever the story, we were just happy to be in the right place at the right time to help him,” he wrote.

Losing a pet is never easy, but there is no better feeling than seeing those happy tails moving home.

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