Here is the winner of the makeup-free beauty contest whome is not possible to recognize


All over the world, beauty contests are very popular. Beauty pageants for children are particularly popular. good for having a good time laughing at home in the comfort of your own home!

They are seen as an opportunity for self-realization by many mothers. Children are used by them to satisfy their own needs.

Children often become miniature versions of adults in these competitions.

It is impossible to identify the beauty contest winner without makeup. Ochka won a beauty competition, but her makeup made her look like she was 30 years old.

The girl had a lot of makeup on and had her skin bleached with special products, both of which are bad for children’s skin.

Netizens actively condemn the parents’ decision because the girl is taught to whiten her skin for fashion, and her natural skin color is the norm.

The baby looks great without makeup—natural, charming, and adorable! She is amazing! A child who is charming, active, and lively

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