Henrietta The Dachshund Shows Off Some Snazzy Dance Moves With Mom Emily


Dashushund can be a good companion for everyone with his short legs, long body and playful character. The video below shows a lovely baby cub moving in sync with its pet parent.

The dog owner Emily is very close to his beloved pet, Henrietta. It’s unbelievable that the couple has such a strong bond as they perform Canine Freestyle for the camera.

Dog freestyle is known to be a choreographer with music.

It usually shows the dog’s training and happy relationship. The harmony between the dog and its owner is astonishing, and it should never be missed at the same time.

No one expected a dog to learn such movements so easy to perform with such an adorable egg.

It is hard to even imagine how long it took both of them to perform this dance. And the most incredible thing is at the end, when Henrietta is moving in the opposite direction. Priceless!

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