Gymnast Simone Biles becomes youngest individual to be awarded with Presidential Medal of Freedom


You have somehow have known about Simone Biles, the champion of Olimpic games.

So she just got a new type of a medal and added it to her collection, the Presidentioal Medal of Freedom by the president of America Joe Biden on July 7.

We know right that Simon made hystory before, by becoming the most decorated gymnast of hystory, and now she made hystory once more by becoming the the most youthful individual to ever receive that medal at the age of 25.

Simone while talking about this event mentioned that it was a very exciting one. But also it was really very scary.

This medal is th best thing that could have ever happened to someone at this age, and after that you may think “Okay what do I do now?”.

But besides that all this is a huge honor, she said to the reporters. With here there on that day was her family, agents and some other recipients.

As per The White House, she was chosen to get the Nation’s highest civilian honor among 16 others.

And it was for the hystory making accomplishements in gymnastics, also she has been working for the mental health and safety of athletes, for kids in foster care system and victims of sexual assault.

All her story came back from 2018 when she was a survivor of sexual abuse against former US olympic team doctor Larry Nassar.

That same year he was found guilty to 7 counts of felony first-degree criminal sexual conduct and was prescribed up to 175 years in prison.

She said that having some light on gymnastics is so good, as for last couple of years there was some kind of a cloud over her sport.

In the end she said to young women all over the world, “do whatever you want, as you can achieve anything in this life that you’ve put to your mind.

Always stay true to yourself and never stop loving yourself, and you’ll taste the sweet fruits of your hardwork”.

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