German Shepherd Sees Tiny Kitten Struggling To Hop Upstairs, Decides To Carry Him Up To The Top


Tennyson the German Shepard just can’t abide by someone in distress.

When his new kitten friend has trouble making it up the stairs, the dog jumps in to assist, carrying him up the rest of the way.

German shepherds are incredibly loyal dogs.

They love to help others. It’s why they make such great police dogs.

Tennyson is a very good boy who loves his new little kitten family member and can’t stomach watching the kitten struggle.

Even though his mom knows that the kitten needs to learn to jump up the stairs on his own, Tennyson does not.

He wants his kitten to get up to the top as fast as possible for a cuddle session he just scheduled into the day, and so he jumps in to get the kitten up the stairs in his mouth.

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