Frightened, the little fox on the illegal fur farm looked at the man and asked for his release


Foxes belong to the wild. But, unfortunately, the butchers catch them and breed them in captivity. They then sell them for their fur. In Poland, where the law is weak, fur farms operate with little effect.

When a rescue team called Open Cages stumbled upon a farm in the countryside, one of the residents stunned them.

In fur farms, foxes are caged. They are often malnourished and medically neglected. They were in complete shock when the Open Cages met the Arctic fox cub.

Arctic foxes are rarely seen by rescuers. He just sat in his cage with his eyes open and terrified. The rescuers claimed that it smelled of rotten meat and faeces, ilovemydogsomuch writes.

The child was alone and his legs were injured. Arctic fox paws are designed for snow, not metal cages. He was in so much pain. He had a large wound in his abdomen. When he looked at the rescuers, he seemed to be begging for a second chance. He begged to be released.

The open cages took care of the baby fox, just like the other foxes confiscated from the farm. The fox cub was immediately taken to their medical clinic. It was there that he officially became a special person because he was given the name Matusik.

One of the rescuers was closely associated with Machik, he could not imagine life without him. He formally adopted her and brought her home. Maciek’s new home has a beautiful backyard where he can roam safely.

He met someone who would also be very special to him, the dog. Both history and fox hunting and hunting became best friends.

Maciek even had the opportunity to celebrate Christmas with his new family.

She also has a favourite toy. What surprised his newfound family and rescue friends was that his personality began to change. The terrified little boy they remembered from the metal cage turned into a playful fox full of life and energy.

A big battle is still waiting for the rescue group. There are countless fur farms where these precious creatures are cruelly abused, but they will not give up. They continue to fight for foxes, just like Maciek.

To learn more about Maciek’s history, watch the video below.

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