Fate steers him to a wounded dog that is too broken to meet anyone but the wall.


When a man named Calvin drove home from work, he got this overwhelming feeling of coming down from a certain exit. He had never been that way before, but then he quickly understood why he had to be there.

The injured dog was standing by the shoulder on the side of the highway. Calvin approached as soon as he was about to get out of his car, the authorities appeared, ilovemydogsomuch writes.

Calvin knew this was not a good sign.

He wanted to help the dog himself, but when Animal Control got involved, some records had to be kept. The poor dog was petrified when men in uniform approached him. He even tried to escape, despite the injuries he received.

Then they took the poor dog inside and kept him for seven days. Animal Control had to wait to see if anyone came forward to demand the dog. Calvin was upset. He knew the dog was not involved in cold breeding.

Especially with his significant injuries overwhelming fear. He just stared at the wall, hoping to disappear.

Calvin turned to a friend named Kendall, who had rescue experience, and he explained to Calvin that it would be difficult to bring this dog in. The dog was seriously injured, his treatment will be very expensive.

The dog would probably have been euthanized at this point, but Calvin would not have heard of it. He needed an amputation, Calvin decided to raise money for his surgery. Kendall was also encouraged to help. They decided to name the dog Ike.

When Ike was out of surgery, Calvin and Kendall were worried. A dog like Ike needed extra TLC. His fear itself weakened. Kendall decided that Ike was best with her as her guardian. He had time to be by her bed. And that’s what I needed most.

Kendall not only spent time with Ike but also worked hard to show him that he would never hurt her. It took effort, of course, but Ike began to turn around.

Kendall was finally ready to introduce Ike to his cat, Uno. He was expecting some sniffs and maybe some tail wagging. What he did not expect was a life-changing connection.

Surprisingly, Ike continued to improve both physically and emotionally. Kendall realizes that she will soon have to leave him and go home forever.

It breaks his heart a little, but he explains that if he did not take care of the animals and help them move on to their new lives, he would have no place to continue.

Whether he wants to keep Ike, he knows what his calling is, that he’s doing what many others cannot. To see Ike’s story see his amazing transformation, see the video below.

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