Famous hunter Robert Irwin gets unexpected message when he turns 19 that leaves him in tears


It is difficult to believe that 16 years have passed since Steve Irwin’s tragic death in “The Crocodile Hunter.”

On September 4, 2006, the devoted wife Terri, and their two young children, Bindi and Robert, were left behind after the former wildlife conservationist and television host passed away from an injury sustained by a short-tail stingray.

The Irwin family has continued to preserve his legacy ever since. Onstage at the Australia Zoo, Robert received a special birthday present just before turning 19 years old.

Terri told Robert, after they took a quick picture together, that there would be a special surprise: a video compilation of birthday messages from “a few people who could not be here today.”

Many people from all over the world wished Robert a happy birthday throughout the touching tribute. The video’s overall mood was upbeat and playful.

That is until Robert’s late father appeared on the screen and discussed the birth miracle. Hold on tight to your feelings!

In the video, Steve said, “At that very moment, at that very moment, I saw the light…” I was brought to this place because, after all, I might die tomorrow.

Robert’s reaction to seeing his father deliver the ultimate birthday message was predictable. What a lovely present!

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