Enjoy the song Maurice Gibb wished ‘The Bee Gees’ kept for themselves only


Since the birth of “The Bee Gees,” the music industry has never been the same. The music industry was forever altered by their inspired disco beats and falsetto harmonies, and numerous artists were inspired by them.

A well-known Dionne Warwick song is covered by “The Bee Gees” in the song “Heartbreaker.” However, many people are unaware that Dionne’s 1982 album of the same name featured music by “The Bee Gees.”

“The Bee Gees” made the song their own by singing, “Why do you have to be a heartbreaker? “, with their distinctive falsetto voices and tight harmonies in the chorus.

Is it a lesson I didn’t learn? My love for you, I must break the spell I’m under. Later, Maurice Gibb said that the brothers should have kept the song for themselves.

Dionne had a lot of success with the music, and now the world can hear how the Bee Gees’ original version would have sounded in HD quality.

The brothers are seen playing and singing in a sepia-toned performance video. Screaming fans fill large arenas as they perform the hit song.

Throughout the song, the video switches between the younger and older brothers. Since the late 1960s, “The Bee Gees” have been successful.

Due to their outstanding three-part harmonies, they earned the monikers “The Disco Kings,” “Britain’s First Family of Harmony,” and “The Kings of Dance Music” during the disco era.

Seeing these highlights of The Bee Gees’ legendary career set to the song “Heartbreaker” brings back fond memories of their distinctive sound.

Over the course of their careers, the brothers produced a plethora of hits, both for themselves and for others.

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