Dreams come true. A 104-year-old woman got the best surprise ever, about which she had been dreaming all her life. !!!


Have you ever wondered how animals have improved our lives with their presence? With their kind and friendly nature, they are able to change the quality of a person’s life for the better.

Bertha Komore, who is 104 years old, is one of the oldest residents of the retirement community.

The thing is, she dreamed of having a penguin all her life, but he snever thought that her dream would one day come true…

After learning about her dream, the volunteers of the community decided to prepare a big surprise for the woman.

When they visited her one day, they brought a 35-year-old penguin with them.

Seeing the penguin, the old woman got so happy that she did not know how to express her excitement.

When she approached and started petting the animal, his her just srtarted sparkling with joy.

She couldn’t believe that the biggest dream of her whole life had finally come true.

She even started crying…So thankful to these wonderful people for making this woman’s dream come true and giving her so much joy.

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