Dog Out On A Walk Sees Someone Stuck In A Wall, Refuses To Leave


The man and his dog were walking in Tow Lowe, England, when the dog stopped near a stone wall.

He refused to move forward, and just then the father noticed that the animal was stuck in the structure.

The dog would not leave until they tried to help

He was a cat. They called RSPCA: inspector Ruth Thomas-Coxon, who arrived at the scene to help.

The only option was to start tearing down the wall, so they approached the owner, who also went out to help.

Before long, they came across a cat, later named Freddie, who was not happy to see people.

But he was taken to a veterinarian for examination, and it turned out that he was fine.

Freddy did not have a microchip, but he soon settled in and showed his sweet side.

If the owner does not show up, the cat will eventually have to be adopted. And all this is due to one heroic dog.

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