Deserted pup carries empty bowl from door to door with hope the somebody will feed him


While researching for the American Strays Project which is a program that focuses on raising awareness for homeless pets, the volunteers came across an amazingly heart-breaking sight in a Detroit neighborhood.

In the video below, you will see a dog that is going from home to home with an empty bowl in his mouth hoping that someone will help him.

He was going his way needing someone to feed him. However there is no hoe as this place is fully abandoned by humans.

The volnteers followed him, but then after some time filled his bowl with full of food and made sure he had enough water to drink.

Later they also made sure that all the stray animals of that area were well cared for.

Lots of people believe that stary pets manage to find food, or there gets someone who feeds them, but it’s not always like that.

And we all hope that this touching video will be a motive for people to watch out at their surroundings to save the stray pups.

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