Cute baby girl interrupts troop’s homecoming ceremony to give her beloved daddy a hug


When it comes to love, rules are of no use. Particularly if it involves spending time with loved ones. Karis Oglesby, a 2-year-old girl, at least thinks that way.

Regardless of protocol, she rushed out to greet her father in the middle of an Army homecoming ceremony.

At the Fort Carson, Colorado, homecoming ceremony, Karis’ father and his fellow soldiers were all forming a line of arms and standing side by side.

After eight months, Karis had not seen her father. All of the uniformed personnel had been away from their families in exchange for an army rank and paycheck.

Protocol required them to wait and stare at them silently while a superior spoke over the loudspeaker, rather than embracing their family members, who also had to make sacrifices in their absence.

However, Karis did not have time for any of that. She ran out of the crowd, past a superior officer, and into her father’s arms when she saw him and was so ecstatic to see him.

Her father, First Lieutenant, stated, “Cara, she made eye contact with me in the crowd and decided she wanted to say hello a little early so she ran up and gave me a big hug and I just returned the hug to her.”

Added Daniel Oglesby. Karis couldn’t wait to give her dad a big hug because she missed him so much. She was overjoyed. I was noticed by her from a few rows back.

I wouldn’t say no to her because she couldn’t control herself. Dad told reporters that he was pleased to see her. However, Dad had to consider his options.

He stated that he needed to determine whether it was “good practice to break formation.” He never arrived at a conclusion regarding what constitutes good practice.

He simply tossed it in the air. Oglesby couldn’t help but give his daughter a hug. As a result, he hugged her and kissed her forehead as he bent over.

Before getting her to go back to sit with her family, he gave her one last squeeze. Karis jumped into her mother’s arms and ran back to her with her arms extended.

The family had a wonderful time getting back together, and the young girl couldn’t wait to give her dad a hug.

Just in time for his daughter’s third birthday, Dad returned just in time. The hilarious moment was captured by the local news and shared on their Facebook page, where it was seen by 5.1 million people.

One commenter wrote, “It is so beautiful, so glad to bless her heart, so innocent, just want to see her Dad.” Any soldier will do. He or she is on the ground to safeguard numerous families.

The family of a soldier, then, what about? Go ahead, girl; your father is an angel for you and a hero for everyone. “Cuddle him and thank you for coming home,” another person advised.

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