Couple notices a suitcase wriggling on the road and find sout it’s full of puppies


A couple was on their way down a North Carolina highway last week when they noticed something strange. On the road ahead, there was an abandoned suitcase that appeared to be moving.

A tiny nose barely protruding from an unzipped corner of the bag was all the couple could see as they slowed down their vehicle.

They were shocked to discover four friendly puppies inside the suitcase after quickly opening it. The couple drove to Guilford County Animal Services with the puppies in their hands.

When they claimed to have discovered a suitcase stuffed with puppies, the shelter worker who first met them in the parking lot didn’t initially believe them.

It seemed so absurd. He then noticed the four little faces, though. The employee told The Dodo, “We all expressed shock that someone would do that.”

The puppies, all of whom are female, were wary of putting their trust in their new caregivers, possibly thinking that the strangers would also abandon them.

They have slowly begun to adjust since arriving at the shelter, and the kind rescue staff has slowly taught them what love feels like.

The representative of the shelter stated, “They are very shy and scared.” Our staff is interacting with them and playing with them because, according to the medical team, they haven’t had much interaction with people.

The puppies were given the luggage-related names Tumi, Samsonite, Stowaway, and Carion (which means “carry on”) by rescue workers.

The puppies will be put up for adoption and given the chance to find their forever homes once they have completed their medical evaluations and socialization.

Due to the keen eyes of two Good Samaritans, these puppies will never again be left behind, even though they were once discarded.

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