Charming Baby Has Adorable Conversation With Talkative Husky


Animals and kids have always shared a unique connection that’s quite different from animals and adults.

There’s a special innocence that makes you wonder if the two species actually understand one another.

An adorable video was uploaded after a parent filmed their son Garrett having a full-fledged conversation with their pet husky, Phoenix.

The child looks excited in his Batman shirt and can’t help but jump up and down while talking.

Phoenix is smiling from ear to ear as his favorite human friend continues to make enthusiastic sounds.

It doesn’t take long for the talkative husky to be on all fours and jumping around with the little tike.

While we can’t understand what they’re saying to each other, it still makes us smile. Both Garrett and Phoenix look like they’re having the time of their lives.

We hope they continue to make hilarious memories like this in the future.

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