Orde di coccodrilli si sono impossessate di una spiaggia in Brasile: centinaia di rettili siedono immobili e fissano un punto
Orde di coccodrilli sono apparse contemporaneamente su una spiaggia brasiliana. Centinaia, forse addirittura migliaia di rettili si comportano in modo
The lady thought she had saved a baby kitten. Here is what that kitty really was and did
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Just look the nature’s drama when elephants cross roads with lions
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In dark waters of the Atlantic was found an ancient shark born in 1505
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Abused dog ran away from home and came back with a note on his head
Scientists say that dogs can feel basic emotions like fear, joy, love, and anger, but they can’t feel more complicated feelings like guilt.
They didn’t believe their own eyes when they found a monster toad was in Australia
This is evidence that nature never ceases to amaze us. The local ABC television station reported that a massive cane toad was discovered in the north of