Brown bear caught chilling just like a human on a sofa that someone threw away


Sometimes we think that animals do not know as much as people do, today’s story came to prove you wrong. This story became known thanks to Mandy Stantic.

She visited a garbage dump in Northern Manitoba where she saw a thing that made her go grad her camera right away.

One bear was just chilling on the discarded sofa, just like humans do. They all were at a fairly normal sight at the dump, while this one was acting as a tired dad on a Sunday night.

He was relaxing in a very human like position. His one leg crossed over the other and he was resting his one arm on the armrest.

It then became known that there was even a TV in front him.

The bear was surely getting ready for a tv-series. Stantik thinks he may be relaxing after a big meal and actually we can all relate to that.

The only thing missing was a remote control or a wine on his other hand. We also love winking in the soft sofa after a good meal. Perhaps we are not as different from bears as we think.

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